Al Nas Hospital

Anesthesia Department


The Department of Anesthesiology is to become a leading example in delivering international level of perioperative medical care in terms of safety, efficiency and sustainability. We believe our model will foster the growth of like-minded anesthesia practices all over the world.



The Department of Anesthesiology is to provide the highest quality, cost effective and efficient medical practice to our patients.  The department is to advance medicine and health via retaining the best and brightest anesthesiologists, engaging in innovative scientific discovery, and disseminating new knowledge into practice.


Core values 

These standard core values steer our practice to accomplish our goals: Integrity Commitment to innovation and excellence Professionalism Life-long learning Team work Collaboration among disciplines, professions, and in our community Accountability and Responsiveness to those whom we serve. 


Goals & Objectives

· Delivering quality patient care is the primary goal.

· Patient satisfaction.

· Collaborating with other physicians to ensure quality service.

· Maintaining an efficient Operating Room

· Attraction and retention of team members who share the same values.

· Full alignment with the hospital goals and policies.


Our Team

Dr Ahmad Mahmoud Hasseb: Head of the Department

Dr Ahmed Abelkader Elesawy: Anesthesia Consultant

Dr Hazem Abdelmoneim Alteregie: Anesthesia Specialist

Dr Khaled Abdelfattah Elsawa: Anesthesia Associate Specialist

Dr  Mohamed Khaled: Anesthesia Associate Specialist

Dr Khaled Abdelfattah: Anesthesia Associate Specialist

Dr Ahmed Elkhateeb: Anesthesia Associate Specialist

Dr Anas Elshemy: Anesthesia Associate Specialist

Dr Khaled Ashraf: Anesthesia Associate Specialist


Aesthesia Department services 

1. The anesthesia department is responsible for preparation of patients scheduled for any procedure done in Al Nas hospital. This includes pre-procedural assessment of patients, making sure they are optimized and well prepared to go through the scheduled procedure safely and in accordance with the latest evidence-based standards of care.

2.  Provision of anesthesia and sedation for any intervention is the responsibility of the Anesthesia department at any site within the hospital (OR, Cath lab, Radiology department and OPD). It is our responsibility to make sure the service delivered is safe, effective and meets the patient satisfaction.

3. The Anesthesia department members are responsible for covering any consultation from other departments as airway and vascular access experts. This includes serving patients in need, as well as training our colleagues from other departments.

4.The Perioperative transesophegeal echocardiography is provided by our team members. This includes adult and pediatric patients.

5. The Department is periodically auditing the clinical practice to ensure every procedure is done according to the hospital policies and procedures manual. Also, the department is involved in updating the hospital polices as needed.

6.  Research projects are being conducted in collaboration with other departments. The Anesthesia department is constructing a perioperative transesophageal echocardiography course and sedation course for non-anesthetists.


Our Equipment

1. Anesthesia machines: Draeger Primus. 

2. Anesthesia monitors: Draeger omega.

3. Transesophageal echocardiography machine Siemens Acuson

4. Portable Fiberoptic bronchoscope: Carl Storz.