Al Nas Hospital

Pediatric Cardiology ICU

Program Director: Prof. Wael Attia,

MD Professor of Pediatrics and Pediatric Cardiology, Cairo University Head of Pediatric Cardiac ICU, AL NAS Hospital


A comprehensive clinical experience for almost the full spectrum of pediatric cardiac ICU interventions. 

Clinical instructions are provided by each pediatric cardiac ICU faculty member. 

Training in echocardiography for heart diseases in children.

Training in U/S Guided vascular access.


Fellowship structure

Duration: 3 years.


Fellowship eligibility

Candidates must possess a medical degree from a recognized Egyptian University with at least one year experience in pediatrics. 


Clinical Activities:

 The fellow is expected to:

-  Provide post-operative management for patients under supervision of the PICU consultants.

-  Insert invasive lines (Arterial, venous lines, and peritoneal dialysis catheters)     for pediatrics and neonates.

-  Post-operative echocardiography examinations for pediatrics and neonates.

-  Attend the pediatric cardiology clinic.

-  Attend the Cath lab and OR for orientation with wide variety of pediatric cardiac interventions.


Educational Activities:

- Weekly PICU and pediatric cardiology lectures

- Morning Grand Round 

- Monthly Journal club, M&M



The fellow is expected to:

-  undertake the primary responsibility for the comprehensive intensive care management of critically ill children with congenital or acquire cardiovascular disease.

  - To develop a knowledge of structural heart defects, diagnostic techniques, surgical and catheter-based interventions, cardiovascular physiology and cardiovascular pharmacology to co-manage pediatric cardiac patients in an ICU setting with a pediatric cardiologist and a pediatric cardiac surgeon.


How to apply:

Applications are to be sent by email:[email protected]