Al Nas Hospital

Cardiac Anesthesia

-Program Director: Dr Ahmad M. Hasseb MD 

-Program Clinical Supervisors& Mentors:

Dr Ahmad M. Hasseb, MD         Anesthesia Consultant, AL NAS Hospital

Dr Ahmed Elesawy, MD             Anesthesia Consultant, A L NAS Hospital

Dr Akram Amer, MD                Anesthesia Consultant, AL NAS Hospital



- A comprehensive clinical experience for almost the full spectrum of adult and pediatric cardiac interventions.

- Clinical instructions are provided by each cardiac anesthesia faculty member.

- Training in perioperative transesophageal echocardiography for Adult and congenital cardiac surgeries.



Duration: 12 consecutive months.

Number of fellowship positions: 4 clinical fellows

Fellowship eligibility:

Candidates must possess a medical degree from a recognized Egyptian University and have passed anesthesia specialty specific exam.



The fellow is expected to:

- Attend the Anesthesia clinic and preoperative visits for preoperative assessment.

- Provide intraoperative management for patients under supervision of the anesthesia consultants.

- Insert invasive catheters (Arterial and venous lines) for adults, pediatrics and neonates.

- Perioperative TEE examinations for adults and pediatrics.

- Do nerve blocks related to cardiac procedures.



- Weekly Anesthesia lectures

- Morning Grand Round

- Perioperative TEE lectures

- Monthly Journal club, M&M


How to apply

Applications are to be sent by email:[email protected]