Al Nas Hospital

Cardiac Imaging

Program Directors:

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Donya, FRCR

Head of Radiology department, A L NAS Hospital


Program Clinical Supervisors& Mentors

Dr. Amr Essam, MD, EDiR        Radiology associate Consultant, AL NAS Hospital

Dr. Tarek Salama, ABR            Radiology specialist, AL NAS Hospital



A comprehensive clinical experience for almost the full spectrum of adult and pediatric cardiac MRI and CT cases. Clinical instructions are provided by each radiology faculty member. Hands on training on CT and MRI post processing using dedicated workstations. Candidates will interpret a total of 150 coronary CTA , 150 CT for congenital heart disease , 50 viability MRI studies and 50 pediatric MRI studies. 



Duration: One academic year.


Fellowship eligibility:

Candidates must possess a medical degree from a recognized Egyptian University and have passed radiology specialty specific exam.


Clinical Activities

The fellow is expected to:

Justify the radiology job orders.

Attend cardiac CT and MRI scans.

Post processing of the CT and MRI cases.

Primary reporting.

Perform U/S and Doppler studies in department and ICU.


Educational Activities 

Weekly Radiology lectures

Attendance of the JCC and M&M meetings

Sharing in research (one working day/week)


How to apply

Applications are to be sent by email:[email protected]